Memoria Mediterranea

Ramzi Walhazi (2011)


Ramzi was a young man in his 20s from Tunisia. He left Al Haouria, Tunisia, on March 1, 2011, for the Trapani coast of Sicily with a group of friends from the same Tunis neighborhood. Their mother Fatma and sister Latifa have long supported the explanation that justifies the youths’ disappearance by prolonged detention in the former Trapani Milo CIE.

Supporting this claim would be video footage from a television report filmed in 2012 at the detention center, in the images of which his sister and mother allegedly recognized young Ramzi. Although they filed charges in Tunisia and Italy and submitted the file to the relevant national and international authorities, no light was ever shed on the disappearance.

Even so, the mothers of the youth of Al Haouria are, to date, among the most motivated in the struggle for truth and justice and among the initiators of initiatives in Tunisia and Europe.

The families were also part of the mutual aid and psychological support group created by Mem.Med, which, among other things, allowed them to share knowledge, strategies and lived experiences with other families.

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