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Mohamed and Bechir Mili (2011)


Mohamed Mili and Bechir Mili, two brothers, ages 22 and 25, left on March 2, 2011, from Al Haouria in Tunisia for the Sicilian coast of Trapani. Mohamed and Bechir were both very active and enterprising young men; they had graduated from vocational colleges. They did not want to stay in their country where there was very little chance of fulfillment. So, like so many people in that year, they left the medina of Tunis-where they lived-and took to the sea.

The young men’s family has searched everywhere for news of the two boys, who as of today are still missing.

They submitted a dossier to Tunisian institutions and hired a lawyer in Italy who could research news of their loved ones.
Attempts to create collaboration between Tunisian and Italian institutions to work jointly on and on the 2011 dispersə have all failed. Unfortunately, the truth has not emerged for them or their fellow travelers.

Mem.Med continues to support the family of the two brothers in their public demands for truth and justice.

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