Memoria Mediterranea

What we do

Mem.Med aims to:

provide legal support, facilitating access to search, identification and repatriation procedures for remains; provide psychosocial support and accompaniment of families in search procedures; conduct advocacy, reporting, awareness raising, documentation and active remembrance.


With the aim of responding to the demands of families searching for their loved ones, focuses on the production and implementation of legal support procedures aimed at locating and identifying missing persons at border locations in the central Mediterranean: at sea; in identification and detention centers (hotspots, cpr and similar places).

PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT aspires to the creation and dissemination of psychosocial intervention practices from a community perspective for families of missing migrants and victims of detention, detention and violence devices in the Mediterranean, supporting pathways to collective awareness, emancipation and self-determination.

memory, denunciation advocacy

Mem.Med aims to be an observatory on what is happening at the Mediterranean border, monitoring the situation of the arrivals, stay, detention and passage of migrant people, with a focus on violence and violations. Mem.Med is also working on the establishment of a memory archive, repository of qualitative and quantitative information that will function as a platform to improve search and identification procedures and to initiate Mediterranean projects of active remembrance, advocacy and awareness raising by supporting the claims of the families of the missing, migrant people and their communities in their demands for truth and justice.

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