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Fedi Ben Hammouda (2021)


Fedi Ben Hammouda, a young 20-year-old who dreamed of making it in Europe. He had long felt that Tunisia lacked the minimum conditions to live well, and so in February 2021 he decided to leave with his cousin by boat, leaving the shores of Kelibia. Not far from Pantelleria, Fedi apparently jumped to reach the island. No trace of him could be found.

Fedi was a university student living in the town of Kelibia in northeastern Tunisia. A city known for numerous departures of young people to the Trapani coast of Sicily. He had not yet completed the studies he had undertaken but, according to his family, had long lamented the need to be able to fulfill himself in Europe and to be able to leave Tunisia, which offered him almost no reason to stay.

His mother Samia, his family and even his companions continue to search for him. His friends made a large canvas portrait in his honor and a mural dedicated to him in the town from where he left. The video testimonies they produced have been shared everywhere with the hope that his images will circulate and that Fedi can be recognized and found.

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