Memoria Mediterranea

We are researcherə, anthropologhə, avvocatə, psychologhə, sociologhə, mediatorə, geographyə and activistə moving in the Mediterranean area to critically analyze the borders that limit it, the migration processes that run through it and the policies that regulate them.
In total adherence to the pleas of the families of those missing or killed attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea routes-particularly Tunisian and sub-Saharan mothers and sisters-we want to promote the defense of the fundamental rights of exiled people, their families and communities, promoting, in particular, the right to know, as well as advocating for initiatives in favor of the right to freedom of movement.
The Mediterranean is the space where we are radicatə, particularly in Sicily, Sardinia and Tunisia, places where we operate on a voluntary basis, based on our knowledge of legal, psycho-social, research and reporting.

We believe in building a collective and active memory that is a practice of countering discrimination, racism and structural injustice, as well as a means of narrating-from the voices of those living on the borders-what is happening in the Mediterranean.

Mem.Med Mediterranean Memory is a project born from the joint and participatory work of the associations:

Borderline Sicilia Onlus, CarovaneMigranti, Legal Clinic for Human Rights (CLEDU) of Palermo, Campagna LasciateCIEntrare, Catanese Antiracist Network, Watch the Med-AlarmPhone

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